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Corbett Tiger Reserve, Village Sawal Deh Ramnagar Uttarakhand

Yoga in Corbett


A meeting is more than tables and chairs. It's more about the people, understanding their meeting purpose and delivering an experience that delights and inspire us. Than it comes to great experiences, our team of trusted experts plan, anticipate and deliver every component of your experience, no matter the size or the complexity.

Conference Hall

Meetings and Events

From the most intimate of gatherings to massive corporate parties, you’ll find the expertise, technology, innovation, hospitality and culinary skills you need to set your event apartand bring people together.
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Social Gatherings

The special celebrations let you strengthen bonds with those you hold most dear, whether it's a family reunionor a wedding. It's among our most cherished traditions as a company, and one of the most valued accomplishments of the associates who bring your celebrations to life at our resorts, from birthdays, kitty Parties and bachelor partiesto Mehndi ceremony, anniversaries, formal dinners and reunions. You just gather your guests and the rest is our story.
Luxury Hotel in Corbett

Events Photos