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Corbett Tiger Reserve, Village Sawal Deh Ramnagar Uttarakhand


Experience rebirth at the Kratu Spa. Where India’s ancient healing secret’s put to work in ironing out the kinks in your system. Flanked by the secluded serenity of natural spoils. The spa’s two treatment rooms feature. The holistic therapies distilled from millennia of experience in the healing arts. Whether you choose to embark on a customized multi-sensory journey.
It’s raditional Ayurvedic wisdom the gentle healing touch of therapeutic aromatherapy. The various rejuvenating scrubs, wraps and baths. Our skilled doctors and professional therapists will ensure you return in better shape. A little closer to enlightenment.
The body can only heal after the soul has been fed.
The ultimate stage of enlightenment; wherein the subject experiences. A heightened state of bliss and Nirvanic calm as he is finally released from the day-to-day.
Take a break from life’s endless demands and check in at the Kratu Spa. A signature offering from Acorn Hideaway Resort in corbett. Where India’s ancient healing secrets revived to awaken your tired body’s chakras.
Surrender your senses to. Our holistic therapies distilled from a millennia of experience in the healing arts.
The Kratu Spa is two treatment rooms are the perfect ambiance for you to indulge your body, mind and soul.
To trul experience the sweet rewards of rebirth; choose from our exclusive range. Of wellness remedies hand-picked to feature the customized multi-sensoric wisdom of traditional Ayurveda. The fragrant preparations of aromatherapy. The healing touch of our expert masseuse. The beauty picks of rejuvenating scrubs, wraps and baths… and more. All this amidst the secluded serenity. Where you can lose yourself whilst serenaded by birdsong. The calming rhythms of nature combining to transport you to a world where time has no meaning.
The only interruption in this blissful exercise. That you’ll welcome is the steaming cups of house-brewed herbal tea. You’ll sip on to detox your mind while our skilled doctors and professional therapists ensure. That you return in better shape and a little closer to enlightenment Kratu Spa
Our premium Ayurvedic massages and treatment ritual practices here. The Kratu Spa in jim corbett are strongly rooted in ancient yogic traditions. The authentic use of age-old herbal tinctures, essential oils and tested sciences.
Submit your stresses to the care of our trained therapists. Who’ll work their magic towards helping you heal. The cleanse, relax and rejuvenate…and forget the world you wish to leave behind Kratu Spa.
An ancient purifying technique practiced for more than 5,000 years by the yogis. Shirodhara finds its basal meaning in the unification of ‘shiro’ . Which translates into ‘head’ and ‘dhara’ which means ‘flow’. Together they form a concept that aims to bring physical. The emotional balance by rejuvenating the spirit and preserving health.
This’s achieved through a relaxing technique. Which involves the consistent flow of warmed aromatic oils over the forehead. To stimulate the ‘third eye’– said to be the seat of human consciousness—for an extended period of time.
A perfect solution to today’s active lifestyle. This unique approach pacifies stressed nerves, eases mental exhaustion, normalizes sleep patterns. it’s improves memory and boasts of significant anti-aging properties as well. To leave you refreshed and rejuvenated Kratu Spa.

A bespoke facial designed to adhere to your individual beauty requirements to help minimize wrinkles and the effects of aging and promote spiritual synergy. This unique approach leverages the fragrant power of pure floral and plant extracts via specially designed massage techniques to help calm the distressed mind, repair the skin’s elasticity, restore youthful bounce and leave the complexion revived and luminous with a healthy glow.


For a relaxed course on understanding timelessness, spend a few hours in the skillful hands of our expert therapists waiting to unleash their healing magic to dispel even the most unique woe straining you. Our time-intensive body rituals are inspired and intended for very specific purposes. Whether to calm the nervous system, increase circulation, enliven the senses or harmonize your sleep routine, you will return to your day feeling newly reincarnated.


In a busy world filled with technology, parental responsibilities and stressful work deadlines, sleep can be considered a luxury experience. Essential to overall health and well-being, a good night’s sleep does wonders for your body. Which is why our sleep treatments designed to provide you with much needed rest.

The only one of its kind, this deeply relaxing head-to-toe massage uses warmed organic aromatherapy oils specifically intended for limitless relaxation. Combined with our in-house masseuse’s purposeful massage techniques to melt away stress and help you unwind, decompress and relax into much needed rest…and prep you physically and mentally to fall effortlessly into a deep slumber.


Discover intense relaxation and pamper your senses with this intense mood enhancing experience. Let the virtues of aromatic fragrances and essential oils lift your mood, calm your senses and leave your spirits revitalized and fully energized.


Our humble ode to the grand masters of global wellness, wherein we combine the finest holistic techniques from every corner of the world in order to address your complete well being via the specific practice to suit your needs best.


This mélange treatment is the answer to release pent-up tension from every part of the body through its skillful Swedish-massage strokes that lead to manipulation of the muscles to relax the body, increase blood circulation: along with the application of carefully blended essential oils in a nourishing vegetable base using lymphatic and pressure point massage techniques to eliminate waste from your body, strengthen the body’s immune system and support a weight loss. # Luxury Hotel in Corbett. Promote your complete internal and external well-being to step out renewed and recharged.


A constant buildup of tension in the muscles from regular fitness activity leads to stress on joints, ligaments, tendons and as well as muscles.

This therapeutic massage uses strategic strokes to increase circulation, release muscle tension, remove lactic acid and restore balance to the muscular-skeletal system. A combination of trigger point therapy, muscle manipulation and other unique modalities relieve strain, stress and inflammation: this is our expert recommended massage for instant relief from painful knotted muscles and chronic stiffness.


Kratu’s Signature Envelopment is nothing short of an indulgence!
Exceptionally beneficial as an immediate remedy to re-mineralize the body, replenish it with nutrients lost on a day-to-day basis to thus boost your skin’s vitality and overall renewal.

Uplift your soul with the aroma of our special spa body polishes that gently exfoliate your skin promoting cellular renovation, refining pores, and encouraging deeper penetration of therapy oils and creams, thus enhancing the therapeutic appeal of all our body spa experiences!

The heart of this treatment a specially formulated masque containing potent hydrating extracts, applied to the whole body. You are then cocooned to enhance the experience, and treated with a relaxing pressure point massage accompanied by intensely moisturizing body butter.

Enjoy the tranquility as our luxuriant envelopment reveals a gorgeous new you!


A transformational body therapy inspired by the sea to treat dull, dry skin that’s stripped of hydration and will leave your skin noticeably younger and youthfully renewed after only one treatment.

The experience begins with a special exfoliating massage to eliminate dead cells from your skin and reduces cellulite. An invigorating aromatic steam follows this to help reveal fresh and radiant skin.

This is followed by cocooning the body in hydrating marine algae to detoxify, drain, contour & refine the body by dispersing energy-sapping toxins, breaking down fatty deposits, draining away toxins & eliminating water retention. While its deeply restoring minerals, vitamins and amino acids work their magic, your body is nourished with a velvety body butter so you emerge looking and feeling thoroughly replenished with a Goddess glow! 5 hotels in jim corbett Park.

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