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Corbett Tiger Reserve, Village Sawal Deh Ramnagar Uttarakhand

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Acorn Hideaway Resort

About Us

Acorn's Director's Desk
My customers are the only valuables I earned till date.
I thoroughly live the lasting associations that we generate with all my guests. Most of the time I personally try to meet the guests and speak to them about their experience at the properties. These valuable feedback help my team constantly work towards developing an ambiance of perfection so that together we can make your stay memorable and super comfortable.
Jim Corbett Luxury Resort
Acorn Hideaway Resort & Spa
Story of Acorn
The Acorn Hideaway is India's first all suites luxury retreat of different Kumauni villas and tents. Nested in serene Dhela zone, Jim Corbett, Ram Nagar amidst lush green 9 acre of landscaped garden. Swaying fruit trees and shimmering monkeys provides all the Ingredient for an Invigorating or Intimate relaxed get away. This forest side village theme restro and Kumauni villas architecture draws inspiration and blends classical elegance with distinctive regional allure that is infused in its Service, Cuisine, Ritual and more promising a truly immerse experience.
5 Star Hotel in Jim Corbett


Acorn is an on growing tree which is increasing its root in hospitality industry in the most beautiful places of India. Acorn Hideaway Resort & Spa | Acorn Beach Resort & Spa
Corbett Tiger Reserve | Baga Beach, Goa